AD 2020

Global Year of the Bible

“The sum of your word is truth, and every one of your righteous rules endures forever.”


Psalm 119:160 ESV


The goal of the AD 2020 Global Year of the Bible project is to present the Bible, the Word of God, as the enduring foundation for fostering unity, freedom, development and quality of life today and for the years to come.


Properly understood, the Bible points us to the Creator whose Word is true, righteous and endures forever. We will endeavor to demonstrate that the Bible’s story—infused with the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit—inspires compassion, integrity, hope, unity, strength, excellence, accountability, the recognition of the dignity of every individual, and most importantly, a right relationship with God. These are characteristics that should mark every generation as we understand our call as stewards of God’s world and as a light to all people, all for his glory.


Together with all followers of the God of the Bible, we commit ourselves to:

  • TRANSLATE. Complete the initial process of Bible translation, so that everyone can have access to God’s Word in their own heart language.

  • PRODUCE. Produce the translated text of Scriptures in a way that is most readily accessible for each person in every language group.

  • DISTRIBUTE. Distribute the Scriptures in an intentional and appropriate way so that every household on earth has the opportunity—if they so choose—to have the Word of God in their home.

  • EQUIP. Encourage and equip people to engage increasingly and totally with the Word of God: read it, understand its meaning, and live it out so that we are progressively transformed for our missional calling in the world.


Scripture Access Statistics